Some things in life are actually FREE

and yet they are priceless.


Let me mention three:

Smiles, hugs & laughter.


As we begin another pandemic month of  March (yikes!)

we look forward to celebrating Spring (March 20th)

with warmer temperatures

Ice melts, water flows, rivers runs

Skies are blue

Take a deep breath of cool air in, hold it… and ….. exhale warm gratitude



Big inhale  as you stretch your arms up to the sky

ExHAle with a laugh and give yourself a gentle hug.



Look around to discover

fresh shoots, sprouts, blossoms and blooms

a burst of colors draw your attention

shades of greens swaying

the breeze caresses your skin, lifting  the strands of your hair.


Feel the warmth of the sun. Sweet.


A new season is upon us

clocks turned forward

increased luminance and longer days for play


Progressing into our Asian New Year of the Ox

this strong beast of burden reminds us to stay on course

even if our path is not an easy one

Take things slow and steady

Practice patience and fortitude

PACE ( a nod to Fellow Brain Gymers out there)


By Fall we shall reap the benefits of

what we have invested

COVID-19 vaccines tested

Did we make the best use of our pandemic time?


This month reminds us to keep our eye on the ball

staying focused, learning, adapting, improvising, evolving, creating.

Mindful that we are to treasure each day

and our connections


and as always- finding the harmony & balance within ourselves

to thrive

laughter most definitely helps