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Alexa’s Monday Laughter Club activities take place at 5:45 PM ET (Philadelphia, PA USA time)

What’s the difference between a Laughter Club and a Laughter Session?

Before this COVID-19 pandemic, laughter clubs were held in person. Zoom has been instrumental in helping us to continue our laughter club meetings and has helped us to spread Laughter Yoga across the world and to all types of communities.

At a laughter club the leader usually doesn’t know who will be attending in advance, unless they reserved a spot. This teaches the leader to be flexible and so laughter clubs are experimental, fun and most of the time less structured than a customized Laughter Yoga session for a specific group (for example: with children, older adults, recovery groups or the corporate world). Also, depending on the leader, the laughter club meetings can be co led by different people in the group.

Laughter clubs are generally FREE or by donation, whereas for Laughter Yoga sessions there is usually a charge, unless the leader donates a session. These sessions are also customized to the group and generally more structured to create a one-of-a-kind laughter experience for that particular group.

Come laugh with us! Just because we cannot meet in person for the time being does not mean we should give up on our daily laughter and the opportunity to take charge of our well being, right?

Consider joining Alexa & Friends (Alexa, local Laughter Leader Jakki Hines, local Laughter Yoga Teacher Carole Netter and our Laughter Friends from here and all over the world) for our regularly scheduled, recurring FREE Laughter Yoga Zoom group sessions on Mondays at 5:45 PM ET.

For other pop up laughter opportunities, email Alexa at or check out Alexa’s Philadelphia Area Laughter Yoga with Alexa, fb group page at for more updates and info.

Zoom Info for Group Laughter on Mondays at 5:45 PM EST

Alexa Drubay is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 891 2943 9297

Laughter Yoga clubs are social community clubs, where people of all backgrounds and cultures can join together through laughter.

As a gift to the community Alexa has been running two, weekly, FREE Laughter Clubs in Media, PA. She has donated over 700 hours to the community and to groups in need over the past six years.

Monday evenings at 5:45 PM EST

Philadelphia Area LAUGHTER YOGA Club (Delaware County, PA)

Media, PA
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