Joyful February!
I laughed with a lovely Women’s Civic Group a few days ago and here are some of the comments I received. I appreciate these ladies reaching out to me the day after to share their thoughts.
This is why I love my job. I get to interact with so many wonderful people and you’d be surprised just how effective this zoom laughter exercise program can be. : ) You really can measure how you felt before and after and the fact that it is so simple to use and highly effective is the beautiful thing about Laughter Yoga. No matter what age or culture you come from, laughter is appealing and helpful to everyone. It is particularly satisfying and hope generating during this pandemic. It is a key resiliency tool that we all have easy access to.
So laugh liberally and laugh especially during the more challenging times to help manage your stressors. Take back control of the situation, with mindful breath work and laughter.If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good." - Dr. Seuss | Dr seuss quotes, Dr suess quotes, Seuss quotes
Below , some comments from this session, which warmed my heart because it reconfirms many of the benefits of Laughter Yoga and why I am so grateful to be an ambassador of this program.
I hope that if you have never tried Laughter Yoga, that you might be swayed to give it a try. It is quite liberating.
Yours in laughter,
“So appreciate your time and sharing your knowledge with the Women’s Civic Club here. I am starting to deal with my second bout of breast cancer and need both a reminder about laughing and calming meditation. I really got a lot from our time together.
Thank you, M.B.

“I went from a 4 to an 8 yesterday in our Zoom laughter yoga exercise…
What fun and such a great reminder on how to handle stress!!!
Thanks so much!!” L.B.

“Thank you so much Alexa for guiding us yesterday. I felt positive energy for the rest of the day. What a treat. “

“Thank you so much, Alexa! I was having a particularly funky day yesterday and this was just what I needed. And I “ta-da’d” my start to the day today – it felt great!
You’re the best!”
S.I. President, WCCA

“I agree with you Linda. It was fun and stress relieving. I especially enjoyed making the cocktails and cleaning out the ears. Fun and creative! Much appreciation,”

“JS and I really enjoyed the laughter yoga. In fact I slept better and felt much more clear headed this morning. Thanks so much.”

“Ta Daa! Great zoom laughter yoga. Lifted my spirits. ” L.D.