What participants have shared:

“I like that this program teaches me a lot about myself.”

“I joined this class to learn to keep my mind stable and peaceful.”

“I can learn how to cope better.”

“I appreciated being able to talk openly about my mistakes.”

“I enjoyed being able to talk our loud in front of other people to get their insight on my problems.”

“I learned how to better cope with boundries and stressful situations.”

“I liked that we learned how to meditate and how to control my emotions with breathwork.”

Groups in Recovery РB.SMART

Breathwork. Stress Management, Mindfulness And Resilience Training

A 12-week program for people dealing with emotional pain, suffering, loss and anxiety.


Alexa is not a licensed therapist but she is qualified to lead these B.SMART sessions in collaboration with a mental health care coordinator in charge of specific groups.

Participation in any session or workshop with Alexa Fong Drubay, Laughter Yoga with Alexa, LLC is not intended in any way to be a replacement for, or a substitute to, qualified medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Alexa Fong Drubay is not a physician or health care professional and cannot and will not diagnose any disorder, condition or illness and does not profess to treat or cure any disorder, condition or illness.

This B.SMART Program can benefit inmates and groups in recovery.

It combines elements from the following programs:

  • WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD)
  • POF (Path of Freedom- A Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence Program developed by Kate Crisp and Fleet Maul)
  • Laughter Yoga exercises ( and the 4 Elements of Joy), breathwork and mindfulness meditation (based on the teachings of Dr. Madan Kataria, Laughter Yoga International)

B.SMART Brochure 2019

Previous sessions have taken place at Chester County Prison with Female Inmates.

Session II will take place from March 8-May 24, 2019.