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FEBRUARY 23 & 24, 2019

I  was delighted to be one of the presenters at the Laughter Yoga USA 2018 Annual Conference in Orlando, FL in October!

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As a Laughter Yoga USA Committee Member and Volunteer I am happy to keep abreast of the latest updates in the Laughter Yoga community.


Some highlights from May 6th…….       WORLD LAUGHTER DAY PHILADELPHIA



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Laughter Yoga with Prisoners

Alexa is currently leading a 10 week series of Mindfulness and Breathing exercises in a SMART (Stress Management, Mindfulness Meditation And Resilience Training) from female inmates at a local prison. She is also enrolled in a 2-yr Mndfulnes Certification program, led by Fleet Maull, who is the founder of the  Path of Freedom (POF) course through Prison,

Last year, Alexa had the opportunity to share some Laughter Yoga resilience with male inmates at a prison outside of Chicago.

10-20-17 DH Cops and Crime Column

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                                                     Mark C. Curran Jr., Sheriff



Lake County Sheriff’s Office • 25 South Martin Luther King, Jr., Avenue• Waukegan, Illinois 60085


For Immediate Release


Laughter Yoga USA Visit the Lake County Jail


On October 9, 2017, Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran invited Laughter Yoga USA into the Lake County Jail for a one-hour ‘Laughter Yoga’ session with jail inmates.  ‘Laughter Yoga’ is described as helping in decreasing depression and anxiety, lowering blood pressure, releasing endorphins (it’s a cardio workout), connecting people, offering compassion, hope, positive attitude, and gratitude.


During the session, inmates were taught the benefits of laughter, meditation, and breathing exercises to reduce stress and remain healthy.  The participating inmates learned Yoga exercises and participated in a ‘seated meditation.’


Sheriff Mark Curran said, “Programming is a pillar of our operations inside the Lake County Jail.  Through our programming, educational, spiritual, and reentry programs, we strive to provide inmates with the tools they need to reenter the community, and stay out of jail.  This session of Laughter Yoga received high praise from the participating inmates, there were plenty of laughs, and many inspired inmates!”



Off the Charts Podcast Interview

Podcast Interview with Andy Smith of Off the Charts Podcasts


Create a new and beneficial habit for yourself 

Scientists say that if you get into the routine for 4o days, you can create a new neural pathway.


Image result for neural pathwaysTake the 40-day Laughter Challenge!                       



My hard eyes broke and grew a rose
Whose one huge eye saw only you
Flowering in cosmos after cosmos
Laughing as we grew.

– Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

Alexa -LY Daily Times article July 15, 2016
Easier-to-read Online article


DelcoMag review Jan 2016  Ernie Oktay of joins Alexa at Laughter Club

Laughter Tree

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