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Mood Lifter and Performance Booster

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Laughter Yoga (LY) is a unique concept where anyone can laugh for HEALTH REASONS, without relying on humor, jokes or comedy.

We simply choose to laugh for our health. Body, Mind & Spirit.

Rediscover your inner child, learn how to unlock the secret to becoming more joyful, healthier and at peace – all through this beneficial laughter exercise program.

Open yourself up and get ready to embrace laughter.



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Come Laugh with Me

Join a free online Laughter Club session

Laughter Club Events

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Customized LY Sessions
(online and in-person)

Workshops, Retreats, Presentations, Laughter Blasts, Laughter Breaks

For Individuals and Groups

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Become a LY Professional


Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) 2-Day (in-person)Training 3-Day (zoom) Training

Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT) (in-person only) 5-Day Training
in the Philadelphia Area

For Activity Directors, Recreational Therapists, Social Workers, Yoga Professionals and others

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Virtual Laughter with Alexa!

 I am offering many different formats of online laughter sessions and  trainings. From in-person, to virtual, to hybrid. Let’s connect so that I can customize the perfect experience for you!

Join Alexa at a future certified Laughter Leader Training!



“I wanted to personally than you for bringing Laughter Yoga to CMSU. I was told that this year’s conference was the best of the last several years, and I can’t help believe that Laughter Yoga was a huge reason why. I am so grateful for what you shared with us.”

– Maxine Williams, MSW, LSW
Quality Improvement Specialist, CMSU Behavioral Health

“When signing up for this training, I found it online for social work license CEUs but never heard of Laughter Yoga. After experiencing just one session, I could feel the effects. I have fibromyalgia and anxiety so I am always in a lot of pain. However, after the first session my pain levels were lower. I was pleasantly surprised and can’t wait to continue using Laughter Yoga!”

– Alyssa Amabile, Social Worker

“Alexa Drubay, provided a fast moving 30-minute presentation on Laughter Yoga. Ms. Drubay had everyone up on their feet exercising and laughing at things we normally don’t laugh at – and made everyone feel refreshed and alive.”

– District Governor Don Kaufman, Lions Club International

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