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Laughter Yoga Sessions at Home or at School

Coping with Childhood Stress

Are the kids learning from home? It’s hard to sit still at the computer for so long. It’s great to get up and stretch your legs and shake things out a bit. Movement stimulates thinking and creativity. Laughter Yoga includes the 4 elements of joy: laughter, singing, dancing and play. We practice deep breathing exercises, laughter and movements which include stretching, clapping and improvisation. Children enjoy being more lighthearted and learning to laugh at themselves and at life, better than laughing at others. This type of laughter is positive, uplifting and energizing. Laughter Yoga fosters social connections and communication. Children also practice good posture and Laughter Yoga promotes health, positive body image, resilience and well being. The mindfulness meditation at the end of the session helps participants to feel centered, grounded and calm.

“Alexa is an talented, energetic, encouraging and organized instructor. Laughter helps one to have a lighter perspective and connect with one’s inner peace and joy.
Since that time I have implemented the Laughter Yoga practice in my Head Start class everyday! The impact has been enormous. The students love to do it and Laughter Yoga creates cohesiveness and connection amongst the students. It breaks through moodiness and eases shyness, anxiety and general hyperactivity. It is fun and the children (ages 3 – 5) look forward to their laughter yoga time everyday.
Sometimes a few children will initiate the practice spontaneously during a free choice time!
I was pleasantly surprised that the students with special needs (autism, Hyperactive, and high anxiety) were actively engaged and calmed during and after the laughter yoga sessions. Laughter Yoga is a wonderful gift to give.”

– Hana Halper, Early Childhood Teacher and Laughter Yoga Leader

Laughter Yoga for Older Adults

Older Adults experience higher rates of loneliness and depression due to losing partners, friends and family as they age. It can also be frustrating and challenging to adapt to changing living conditions,  becoming more dependent on the help of others and losing one’s privacy and freedom in the process. In addition, chronic health problems and management of other health issues can become burdensome.

Social connections are very important. Laughter Yoga fosters new connections and teaches personal coping skills on how to age in place/with grace  and how to adapt to new challenges in a more positive way.  Cultivating your “inner child” at any age is the key to feeling young and enjoying the little joys each day.

Brochure- Older Adults & Caregivers- LY Brochure-Optimum Wellness

Laughter Yoga Sessions- at College and at Universities

Alexa has shared Laughter Yoga with students at Middle Schools all the way up to Universities and at Medical Colleges. Students in particular, can benefit from the stress-relieving laughter exercises and will help to energize them before exams. Laughter Yoga stimulates the brain and regular practitioners report that it:

  • helps reduce anxiety and relieves tension
  • improves social interaction
  • boosts creativity and the imagination
  • helps with concentration
  • improves overall mood
  • invigorates and energizes

College Students- Brochure-Optimum Well-Being

Corporate Events

Alexa is ready to customize a special Laughter Yoga session to suit your needs!

Laughter Yoga is ideal for:

  • Corporate Wellness Days
  • Anti Stress Power Up with Laughter Series
  • Lighten & Brighten Up Work Performance Boosters
  • Weekly Staff Wellness Laughter, Breath Work and Mindfulness Meditation
  • Enliven Conference Atmosphere with some short Laughter Blasts between speakers

Combining Laughter Exercise, Breath work & Mindfulness Meditation

Improves Work Performance, Lowers Sick Leave, Improves Office Moral,

Fosters Team Building, Stimulates Creativity and Energizes!

Book a Resilience and Well-Being Through Laughter Session today!

Corporate Wellness Brochure- Laughter Yoga with Alexa

Laughter Yoga Session/Laughter Burst

4 – Ten-minute Laughter Bursts or Laughter Blasts  to keep your audience energized and engaged

Keep up your audience’s interest and energy levels at your next conference  by scheduling  a series of Laughter Blasts at your next event!

It all begins with an introduction to Laughter Yoga and the benefits to your targeted audience. The following Laughter Blasts will get your guests up on their feet, stretching, laughing and connecting with others around them, leaving them feeling energized, uplifted and ready to listen to your next speaker.

Corporate Events Brochure- Laughter Yoga with Alexa (3)

Special Events, Retreats or Group Gatherings

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family Reunions

Women’s Retreats
Church Group Retreats
Rotary Club

Girl Scouts

Lion’s Clubs
Wellness Retreats
Holistic Events

Health Fairs Community Events

Consider allowing extra time to go deeper with Laughter Yoga.

Laughter Yoga is not superficial laughter. There is a reason we engage in mindful and purposeful deep laughter.

The primary reason participants LOVE Laughter Yoga is because it helps to reduce stress and to promote more joyful playfulness between people.

Deeper social connections and a deeper awareness for self.

A  2+ hr Laughter Yoga workshops  allow participants to not only learn about the history, benefits and many applications of Laughter Yoga but will allow for more playtime, incorporating the four elements of joy (laughter, singing, dance and play), team building exercises and a deeper Yoga Nidra final mediation to close out the session. Discussion and sharing is stongly encouraged after the session.

Workshops will be customized according to the needs of the individual groups. Rest assured, it will be a memorable and uplifting experience!

For Couples

Heart to Heart- 1-hr Playshop for Couples!

Schedule a session with Alexa today!  Organize a minimum of 6 couples and Alexa will bring the session to you! Find out more about all your options.

An excellent opportunity for you to connect with that special person in your life -through more laughter. Let laughter be the tool to rekindle/reawaken/re spark that powerful bond between you.

Is your relationship feeling a bit stale or la-di-da?

Have you been searching for a way to jump-start or re-energize the way you connect with your partner? When is the last time you laughed for more than a few seconds with your mate?

Are you listening to your significant other like you did when you were dating? Are you still as patient as you were when you were courting?

In this fast-paced life, it is sometimes hard to keep up and spend quality time with the person you love the most.

Here is a fun way to re-ignite that spark and also the perfect way to show that person that you are committed them. Step away from the electronics and pull your partner closer through laughter.

Laughter Yoga offers the perfect way to strengthen your feelings of trust, love and compassion. It also allows your to re-discover your playful self and to reconnect with your partner in a way that is more light-hearted and spirited.

This Laughter Yoga Playshop will inspire you to laugh more ever day and Alexa will teach you simple techniques on how to incorporate more joy and laughter into each day.

Never heard of Laughter Yoga? Indian cardiologist, Dr. Madan Kataria created Laughter Yoga 24 years ago, in 1995. It is now being practiced in more thank 100 countries and at over 16000 laughter clubs.  Laughter Yoga for Health, Happiness and Peace. Laughter Yoga is non-religious and non-political.

Laughter Yoga combines 3 powerful elements:

1) Laughter exercises (based on everyday situations, not on jokes or comedy). Your teacher will guide you through a series of laughter exercises where you will use your diaphragm for deep belly laughter. This incorporates more oxygen to your body and brain, creating positive endorphins.

Laughter Yoga benefits the body, mind and spirit. Some of the health benefits include the regulation of blood pressure, promoting heart and brain health and boosting the immunities. Laughter brings people together and improves feelings of empathy, compassion, self confidence and communication. People who can laugh together support each other in a more positive way.

This practice also helps to expand the arteries to help regulate blood pressure and to reduce stress (cortisol) levels. We do not perform yoga poses but you will still get a good workout. Laughter Yoga is considered aerobic exercise. We move around the room, sing, dance, laugh and burn lots of calories.

2) Deep yogic breathing (pranayama), the yoga part of Laughter Yoga. No  yoga poses.

3) Restorative Mindfulness Meditation ( Yoga Nidra) a great way to finish off the session, leaving participants relaxed yet at the same time, feeling invigorated and joyful.

“The old saying that ‘laughter is the best medicine,’ definitely appears to be true when it comes to protecting your heart,” says Michael Miller, M.D. (, director of the Center for Preventive Cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center and a professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Heart Health and Laughter:

Ever heard the saying: ” Couples who laugh together, stay together?”

It ‘s true. Laughter strengthens any relationship but it you mindfully practice daily laughter, imagine how much you can improve the quality and depth of your union!

Laughter Exercise for Couples Brochure 2019

One on one

New! Coaching

One-on-One Consultations for Laughter Yoga Professionals or Others

Are you feeling stuck or in need of inspiration? Let’s discuss!

As a Laughter Yoga professional, let me help you get back on track and thrive with your laughter practice.

Also available to individuals who have no prior Laughter Yoga experience but who are seeking more playfulness, joy and laughter in their personal and work lives.

First 15 minutes are FREE.

Call to schedule a one-hour session. If local, we can meet in person or on skype.

To sign up, or for more information, please contact Alexa Fong Drubay.