Become a Laughter Pro

There are several three levels to becoming a Laughter Yoga Professional.

Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders (CLYL) receive a basic training. (2 DAY in-person or 3 DAY ONLINE)
Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers (CLYT) receive a more in depth (4-DAY online plus 3 DAY in-person)
Certified Laughter Yoga Master Trainers (CMT) are selected & trained exclusively by LY Founder, Dr. Madan Kataria.

Inquire about a group training at your facility for multiple leaders. Alexa can create the perfect training for your therapists/activity directors/social workers or other healthcare professionals and teachers.

Brochure 2022-Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training with Alexa

This is a special virtual training created by Alexa and with the blessing of Dr. Kataria and based on the principles, teachings and philosophies as taught by Laughter Yoga International in India.

The prior in-person 2-DAY Laughter Yoga Leader Certification Training has now been developed into a 3-Part training of 5 hours each. Online instruction via zoom , e manual. There will be a two-week break between Parts 2 & 3, with homework/independent projects before we finish Part C.

Brochure 2022-Online Laughter Yoga Leader Training with Alexa

Dates: Join the Fall Oct/Nov training or reach out to Alexa to schedule a special training. If you have a minimum of 4 in your group, Alexa can put together a training to fit your exact schedule.

Cost: $425.00 (includes all materials, special bonus materials, mentoring with Alexa), payable in full at beginning of training.

Certification: This is a lifelong certificate, without the necessity for future renewal fees.

CEU credits may be available for Activity Directors, PA Social Workers, Recreational Therapists and yoga professionals. Please inquire.
*National Association of Social Workers for Pennsylvania
*National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification

Training details and registration papeRwork

Questions? Contact me or call 215 478 5669

CEU credits may be available for Activity Directors, PA Social Workers, Recreational Therapists and yoga professionals. Please inquire.
*National Association of Social Workers for Pennsylvania
*National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification

Coaching sessions

Online Coaching sessions are available to newbies to Laughter Yoga, as well as to existing Laughter Yoga professionals.
Starting at an hour, they can be customized to the needs of the participants.

Social connections CAN be sustained with laughter! Laugh with those around you, pick up the phone and call a friend or loved one and laugh with them. Learn how to do this through some coaching with me.

Don’t sit around at home and mope. Take charge of your well being and get on the laughter train! Learning to laugh through the tough and challenging times and keeping up a daily laughter practice will help keep you resilient.

5-Day Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training

Trainings will be resumed once the pandemic is over and we are able to meet safely in person again.

This training is currently only partially available. Parts 1 & 2. Part 1 consists of 5 online training sessions, Part 2 consists of 2 full in-person training days TBD after the pandemic. To discuss the options, please contact Alexa for more information.

About the Teacher Training

It is highly recommended that participants have at least a full year of Laughter Yoga club experience and that they have worked with many different groups in their communities before signing up for this training.

This is your opportunity to:

  • deepen your personal laughter practice
  • learn many new skills
  • develop more self confidence as a Laughter Yoga professional
  • go deeper with your Laughter Yoga practice, breathwork and meditation
  • How Laughter Yoga helps develop emotional intelligence
  • explore, play and connect with a great group of laughers for five fun-filled days.


You will:

  • become a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT), connected to Laughter Yoga International and Dr. Kataria’s School of Laughter Yoga
  • have learned the requirements to conduct a 2-DAY  Laughter Yoga Leader Certification Training  and certify new Laughter Yoga Leaders!
  • learn marketing  and organizational skills
  • learn organization & marketing skills  and advertising tools, leadership & communication skills
  • how to start community social Laughter Clubs
  • learn the latest scientific research on laughter and Laughter Yoga
  • co lead a local laughter club and enjoy other experiential opportunities
  • be trained to conduct Laughter Yoga seminars and workshops for all types of groups – from children to older adult communities, from corporations to private groups,  hospitals,  prisons, recovery groups and others
  • gain a Laughter Buddy and experience networking opportunities with fellow students

You will receive:

  • an electronic pdf AND a printed training manual
  • Dr. Kataria’s e-book “Laugh For No Reason”
  • a resource pack DVD and CD which will contain International news coverage video clips, Laughter Yoga in corporations, Laughter Yoga in schools
  • receive  1 year FREE access to Prozone (


Training &  Materials (printed manual and certificate)

snacks, teas/water, bonus materials  (thumb drive with Laughter Pro content from Laughter Yoga International), 1-hr follow-up mentoring by Alexa



Registration paperwork, signed waivers and deposits of $ $600.oo  a week prior to the training.

Check, Paypal (add 3% service charge), Venmo

Limited space available. Please reserve your spot quickly.

Trainee feedback

Training Locations

Pre pandemic most trainings take place at Alexa’s Laughter Studio in Media, PA but she is also able to bring the training to your group, wherever you are. Today, these trainings are only offered virtually.

Usually, the 2-DAY Leader trainings are on a Sat & Sunday. However, if there is a group interested in a mid-week training, this also can be arranged.

Please contact Alexa for more details.