What is Laughter?

“Laughter favors the prefrontal cortex and hippocampi over threat-driven amygdala for enhanced diversity in declarative memory retrieval, and may thus broaden the range of available coping behaviors, beginning a self-reinforcing spiral of positive emotion, broadened cognition, and discovered positive meaning, e.g. enhanced shelter security.”¬† ¬†Sebastian Gendry


Scientific Evidence supporting the Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga

The impact of laughter yoga on subjective well-being: A pilot study
European Journal of Humour Research

Bangalore Study

Laughter Yoga significantly reduces stress levels in the workplace.

The impact of Laughter Yoga on the Stress of Cancer Patients before Chemotherapy
Laughter yoga can decrease the stress in cancer sufferers before chemotherapy.

The impact of Prescribing laughter to increase well-being in healthy adults:

An exploratory mixed methods feasibility study of the Laughie.