Customized recorded Laughter Sessions- Different Options

Option 1:

Personalized Coaching- An Introduction to Laughter Yoga with a Twist

I am delighted to announce a brand new customized, 5-part series on Laughter Yoga, which is available to individuals who are interested in learning more about the Basics of Laughter Yoga. This program is a great introduction to Laughter Yoga and serves well as a preparatory course to the 2-DAY, in-person Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training. If you have the time now to invest in learning more self care Laughter Yoga skills now, this is an excellent way to foster your self care, as well as learn some new ways to engage those around you, with laughter.

Let’s get started!

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Basic Laughter Yoga Coaching with Alexa

To register for this coaching, please e mail Alexa at

Payable by Paypal (add 3% fee) at

or Venmo

Option 2:

A customized Laughter Yoga Session for your group, tailored to your needs but addressing a larger group

Please contact Alexa to discuss the details. Generally these are 30-40 minute, pre-recorded sessions which allow clients to stream as they wish. The experience is different from the typical in-person sessions but serves as a good alternative during these times, where we are unable to meet and laugh in person.  Even though we may be feeling isolated and practicing our physical distancing, there is no reason to give up laughter.