Dear Friends and Fellow Laughers,

I am so excited to announce that Laughter Yoga USA’s July 2020 Newsletter, The Laughter Flash is out!

It is chock full of the latest updates and offer some great tips on how to develop more of an online presence with your laughter. It also mentions ourĀ  upcoming LY USA Fall event, we are hoping you will be apart of.

If you have not yet received your copy, please check this link out:

Laughter Yoga USA – The Laughter Flash July 2020

Hope you are keeping cool during this hot and humid month of July AND keeping up your morale with laughter. This terrible pandemic is lingering and the best thing to do, is to stay resilient.

Remember that laughter helps promote strong T-cells, which help boost our immune system! A home practice of mindful and unconditional laughter in the most trying of times can help us stay strong and positive.

Sending you joyful vibes,

Laugh on,