When I first started doing Laughter Yoga, my boys were in middle and high school and they were totally embarrassed by my newfound passion. Lots of cringing and eye rolls on their part.
When they needed to borrow the car, they hated to drive around with my laughter club magnets displayed but I refused to let them take them off, ha ha.
Perhaps they thought that my Laughter Yoga would fade away like many other things that I had tried. However six years later, I am still going strong. This is the best thing that I’ve ever chosen to do for myself, for my family and for everyone else that I come in to contact with.
Laughter Yoga has brightened my personal and professional life and I am so grateful that I am able to help others with this laughter exercise program.  I take my role as  a Laughter Ambassador seriously, sharing  the philosophy and practice, promoting  health, happiness and peace. Inner and outer peace. Playfulness and joy. Connection to self and with others through laughter!
Yesterday, my boys (who are back home studying online this semester) accompanied me to my laughter sessions at Philadelphia Park.  It was the first time I shared in-person Laughter Yoga since the pandemic.
They couldn’t have been more supportive. They were my chauffeurs, laughed along, helped lead the session, they took pictures and acted as my special assistants. I was so proud!
I am relishing this time with them, truly a silver lining to the pandemic. We laugh every day and practice gratitude laughter for being together. I am truly blessed.❤️ #dontgiveuponyourlaughter