Laughter Heart


Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

Ernie Oktay of Laughter Yoga Friends, and I co-led a fun laughter session last Friday night.

We were joined by a film crew from Drexel University, who will soon be releasing their interview with Ernie and footage from our laughter session.


Today, I focused on heart connections and laughter with  laughter club in Media, PA. Four new people joined us for laughter. It was great fun!


I hope that you enjoyed a meaningful Valentine’s Day with someone you care about.   Whether you are in a relationship or not, the essential thing is to firstly, take care of yourself.

Without self-love, you cannot give of  yourself to others.


While I was in my early 20’s, I found myself alone on Valentine’s Day. I will never forget my half Italian Granny’s advice:  “Meglio solo che mal accompagniato.” (It’s better to be alone, than in bad company”.

My best friend was also without a date. So we both spent a wonderful evening out together, although there was some lamenting if we would ever find our Prince Charmings.  Many years later, I am happy to report

that we are both with great partners but we will never forget that V-Day we spent together and how special that was.


Friendship is also very important and I can count my closest friends on one hand.  Those are the people I can call at 4 :00AM and they would help me, no questions asked.


Some people rightly think of Valentine’s Day as a commercial holiday but I like to mark it because it reminds me of what is most important – to feel loved and to share love with those around me-

my family and friends.

Or, with strangers who walk in the door to laugh with me but leave as Laughter friends,no longer strangers : )



My sweetheart and I stayed home and I cooked dinner tonight. We prefer to avoid the  overcrowded restaurants and enjoy a night out on a quieter night.


My heart is filled with gratitude for all that I have experienced and I am open to what lies ahead.

I thank those of you, who have laughed with me and  extend a invitation for others to come out and try some wellness laughter.


Love & Laughter,





Here is some fascinating history about this special day: