Laughter Yoga 21st Anniversary Poster (4)

Today marks the 21st Anniversary of Laughter Yoga!

The poster I created is already outdated…. Laughter Yoga has spread to 104 countries and who know’s how many other countries will join in to experience the wonderful benefits of laughter wellness!

I  am committed to practicing my mindful, daily laughter and to helping others discover how they can incorporate more unconditional laughter into their daily routines.


There are too many people who face struggles and challenges in life and end up feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depressed and anxious.  Laughter Yoga teaches resilience, self-love, boosts self-confidence and

fosters feelings of empathy and compassion . Laughter connects us all, helps us to build bridges and seek positive solutions.

More laughter= better life.  Let’s focus on the here and now and how we can make each day count.


For people who have never experienced a Laughter Yoga session, I invite  you to join me for a session. You need to feel it to experience what it can do for you. Never mind if it looks silly,

push yourself out of your comfort zone and try it.

Thanks to all of my laughter club members who have supported our sessions with great laughter energy  and to the others I have connected with at laughter trainings, presentations and workshops.

Each time we open ourselves to the  laughter, we learn more about ourselves and the importance of letting go.


Keep up the laughter,