I hope you are feeling good right now and enjoying the beginning of another holiday season. With all the hubbub, the busyness and intense marketing etc., it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Also, if you don’t have family or friends around you, it is easy to feel alone. Please join us at laughter club. Reach out to people you know who would love to have your company.

Happy Thanksgiving!  In anticipation of another gathering of family, friends, strangers around a communal table, I encourage you to sprinkle in a few laughs here and there to lighten the mood.

When people of different minds and opinions come together, it can be a little stressful. Instead of criticizing others (because they might have strong opposing views, bad manners,etc.)  take a deep breath and be mindful of keeping a soft and open heart.  Here’s the opportunity to practice your listening skills, patience and also hold back on your opinions, allowing others to be heard. Take the high road, be kind (but don’t take abuse) and marvel at how you can learn from any moment.

Practice some leaf raking laughter, some pie eating laughter, some laughter around the table (where each person gets to create a unique laugh and the rest of the group copies it).

If you have joined me in laughter, I thank you!  If you are thinking about trying out some Laughter Yoga, I would love to laugh with you! ho ho ha ha ha

Enjoy Thanksgiving with all it’s delights.