Dear Laughter Peeps,

I hope this message finds you well.

As we take stock of the past year- the good, the less good, the challenges and our successes, it’s good to focus on a plan for health and well- being as we enter a new decade.

I am so grateful for all the opportunities I had to share Laughter Yoga with such a diverse group of participants, students and clients.  Each of these  connections has allowed me to connect with people of all ages and from so many different backgrounds and these rich learning experiences have  enhanced my life in countless and priceless ways.

In 2019 I celebrated five years of devoting my life to spreading Laughter Yoga and also became a certified Laughter Yoga Master Trainer. This work,  (can you tell?) I am loving and it just keeps getting better!

So as I peek forward into this new decade and face the light (and also dare to break through darkness), HEAR MY LAUGHTER!

Will you join me? I would love to laugh with you.

Best wishes to you and yours, Joyful, healthy and peaceful 2020!