Hello Friends,

With summertime approaching and temperatures warming up, I am eager to shed those extra layers of clothing. 

Imagine with each layer, you also let go of the armor you have been wearing, that “serious outer shell”,  unveiling  the softer side of you underneath. That tender, playful, experimental side. 

Summer allows us to awaken our senses again in exciting ways. As we might spend more time outdoors, exploring and connecting to nature (checking out our sprouting seeds) , listening to the birds chirping,  attending an outdoor concert or hearing the roar of the ocean or perhaps delighting in the scent of honeysuckle or BBQ in the air, reawakening our old memories … Ahhh to feel young and carefree again!

Are you eager to create new summer memories?

I invite you to close your eyes and imagine yourself as a child again, skipping, giggling, playing. Being goofy and delighting in the most ordinary of things. Allow yourself to look at things from different perspectives. (Yes, bend over and look at the world upside down!) 

Some may be traveling and some may be staying put. Wherever you are, create a safe little oasis for yourself … and chill. You deserve a little break. Fix yourself a little joy cocktail, turn up the music and shake it! 

Wishing you a lovely upcoming summer season. May you feel uplifted, light and confident!

Celebrate the uniqueness of you and this life!

Love & Laughter,