We love visitors at our Laughter Clubs and it’s always wonderful when participants share their experiences with others! ¬†Thank you, Kaitlin Irwin of the Delaware County Magazine (Delaware County, PA outside of Philadelphia) for writing such a lovely article inspiring others to try some Laughter Yoga! ¬†After all, this is what Laughter Yoga is all about- connecting with others and discovering a more light-hearted way to communicate.

Why do people enjoy attending the laughter club sessions?

  • It feels great to get out and laugh!
  • It’s a great social connector.
  • It takes your mind off your problems and helps you overcome obstacles in life
  • Laughter Yoga promotes good health and overall well-being

Whatever the reason people feel the need for more laughter in their life, we can all benefit from laughter.

We hope that YOU will come out and join us sometime or visit http://www.laughteryoga.org/english/club/listing_clubs to find a laughter club near you!


DelcoMag review Jan 2016


Delaware County Magazine January 2016