Dear Laughter Friends,

Exciting News! Dr. Kataria will be coming to the US this summer!

This is YOUR opportunity to meet this amazing personality, who’s brainchild has now spread throughout the world and is helping countless people reduce stress and lead healthier, more joyful lives.

He will be leading a Spiritual/Silent Retreat, followed by a Laughter Yoga Summit.

This experience will take place from August 10-14,2016  in Stoneypoint, NY, outside of NYC .

For more details, please view this attachment:

Spiritual Retreat USA_2016 (1)

I am delighted to be attending this special event and hope to see you there too.

If  you are unable to attend, please join me for some wellness laughter later this summer, as I will be sharing some new exercises and LY philosophy upon my return. : )

Have a great summer, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Please remember to practice your daily laughter.

Lightness & Laughter,