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The beauty of laughter clubs, is that participants know they can join others for an hour of unconditional laughter in a nurturing and positive environment on a regular basis.

Unconditional because our laughter is not dependent on jokes, comedy or even having  a sense of humor.   All we need is  a willingness to laugh and to be experimental.

Social laughter clubs  are usually FREE as a gift to the community and  are places where people come together to laugh and to be care-free.

Check your problems and fears at the door.  Leave your worries behind.  You are welcomed with smiles.  You are guided and soon you find yourself connecting and engaging  with others in a light hearted way.

Once members have experienced a session and if they revisit to become “regulars” (We have some people that join us twice a week ) , then it is not uncommon if there are no newbies present, for everyone to feel so comfortable with the laughter exercises, that we all connect so deeply and experience and amazing powerful flow of laughter that is effortless and deep. Nothing really needs to be explained. We move joyfully from one exercise to another and there is plenty of room for experimentation, improvisation and discovery. That is exactly what happened at laughter club tonight. We were just four people and we filled that banquet hall space with so much laughter goodness, we were all on a laughter high. The natural way, hahaha

Laughter for the love of it. Knowing how important it is to let go and to trust and have fun with it. Very nice.

Come and laugh with us!