Are you feeling it? It’s exciting to finally be able to put away our winter/spring wardrobe and jump into summer.

Honeysuckle is in the air, as well as the scent of roses. With each trip to the market, we discover seasonal fresh, fragrant berries, juicy melons, tri-color sweet corn, luscious cherries and other summer treats. Tender greens, fresh shoots and soon there will be a bounty of tomatoes and squash… What seduces you?

Today I bit into my first apricot. Heavenly. I impatiently await this opportunity each year. I stood in my kitchen savoring mini bites of the most delicate, beautifully blush colored, fragrant and sweet apricot. Ahhh, this signifies summer and happiness to me. Gratitude laughter. Just like the scent of honeysuckle reminds me of my childhood, this strong connection to various foods trigger warm memories of people, places and times where I felt this inner contentment .

It’s hot outside but there is a nice breeze. I look out the window and it looks like the leaves are waving at me, beckoning me outside. I daydream. Simply imagining myself seated in a shady spot, with my feet up and a glass of fresh-squeezed, chilled homemade lemonade at my side makes me smile. Better yet, a friend to share it with! The birds whistling their tunes. Laughter and connection. Those days will come. That was just a simple summer meditation. Relaxing, calming, uplifting.

As more people are getting vaccinated and masks are coming off, in a safe environment we are slowly getting back to laughing in person. A few weeks ago I met with our fully immunized laughter club regulars for some laughter at a local park. Oh what a feeling it was to reconnect with laughter on that perfect evening, what a joy!

And while some of us are fortunate enough to be experiencing this newfound freedom, let us not forget others in the world who are still struggling, are in lockdown or for other reasons are unable to laugh.

Hold a spot for them in your heart.

May you feel safe, at peace, uplifted and loved.

May you focus on what is working in your life and on little joys each day.

Namaste. HAmaste!