This past week, I assisted fellow Laughter Yoga Teacher Bill Powell in training 6 new Laughter Leaders. Bill also happens to be the Performance Arts Coordinator  for  the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (among wearing many other hats).

Thanks to Bill’s enthusiasm for Laughter Yoga, he made it possible for these participants to become certified as a Laughter Leaders, enabling them to lead laughter club sessions at city parks and rec centers throughout Philadelphia. This energetic and creative bunch  have been teaching performance arts  from art, writing, dance and music to theater and improv to inner city children and youth and it is very exciting to think that they will be starting up FREE Laughter Clubs in 2018. These new leaders will be  sharing their newfound Laughter Yoga skills with kids in after school programs, with families, older adults and other groups.

Stay tuned for more updates. You will find the latest events on under

Here are some pics from our recent training.

Philadelphia has received the best gift of all for the new year….

Congratulations to Suzi Hankinson, Brian Padla, Gerri Ayize Bohanan, Tafari Nobes-El,  Kim Pedro & Betsy Henninger!

Very good, very good, YAY!!!!