Hello there!

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Nice of you to visit my blog! I should posting more info here but I have been awfully busy with all my Laughter Yoga activities. Try to come out and laugh with me or find a Laughter Yoga club near you!

Mindful Laughter with Middle Schoolers

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Welcome to Laughter 101 -Mindful Laughter with Middle Schoolers                                                                                                                    Alexa Fong Drubay   Squirming around the gym floor, one boy announced in a loud voice: “Oh boy, is this really going to suck!”  Other kids nodded , while anxiously awaiting the start-up of what they were told was a session of Laughter Yoga. Obliged to […]

A year of Laughter Club activities in Media, PA and surrounding communitites!

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I recently celebrated my first year practicing Laughter Yoga.  It’s been a whirlwind of activities and experiences- all wonderful .  I am grateful for all the people I have been able to connect with through laughter. It truly is an excellent way to promote wellness, increase joy and to lift the spirits.  No matter what […]

Philadelphia Area World Laughter Yoga Day 2015

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Thanks so much to all of you, who came out to celebrate WORLD LAUGHTER DAY 2015 with us! Ernie, Emma and I were delighted by all of your support and putting Media, PA  (Philadelphia Area) on the map of places that joined in World Laughter Day.                    

Laughter Yoga Essay- “Because you are too damn serious” by Joan Leof

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 Joan Leof   Because You’re Too Damn Serious Cozy in my reading chair, with the sun streaming in on the essay collection I was reading for my book group, I felt totally absorbed.  Not only was I enjoying the words I was reading, I was grateful that I had created this book group which  brought […]

Sunday Laughter Yoga Club and the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Laughter Yoga

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Here’s to Laughter Yoga and to two of its’ founders, Madhuri and Madan Kataria, who spend their lives spreading the laughter throughout the world, making it a better, more joyful place. Laughter Yoga counter-acts all the negativity and fosters peace,  promotes healing and gives us strength through adversity. Whatever our backgrounds, we can all connect […]

Happy 20th Anniversary- LAUGHTER YOGA!!!

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  Happy 20th Anniversary to Laughter Yoga and THANK YOU Madan and Madhuri Kataria for bringing this amazing wellness medium in to this world. You make our planet a more joyful and healthy place. You bring hope and lightness into people’s lives. You teach us the tools and techniques of how we can become stronger […]

An new year is upon us! Happy 2015!

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        As this year is quickly approaching the end, I wish you merriment but also time for quiet reflection and restoration, followed by a smooth transition into the coming year of 2015. Wishing you health, joie de vivre,excellent experiences and adventures and above all, more laughter and lightness. I am grateful to […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  Dear Laughter Friends and Visitors, As we approach the Thanksgiving holidays and are well into this Fall/Winter season of reflection, I like to take some personal time to remember all the people- past and present, who have helped me to become the person I am today. As I remember the ups and downs, the trials […]

Laughter Yoga Club

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A laughter club is a safe and nurturing place where people can get together to practice fun exercises . I will lead you through some fun laughter fitness, followed by some relaxation exercises. Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a big laugher. This is fun for everyone. No pressure. We have a saying, “Fake […]