Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings

Living a more laughterful life : )  

This planet needs  more Laughter Leaders, who will not only become more joyful individuals but who will help this world become a better place through the start-up of community social laughter clubs. Every neighborhood, school, hospital and workplace can benefit!
You can look in any direction and see people struggling with anxiety, depression and stress.


CLYL February 23 & 24 , 2019 Training Details

Consider joining me  on February 23 &24, 2019  at my Laughter Studio in Media, PA.
(See more details below)
Your investment:  The training is $360.00 and includes all materials, certificate, bonus materials, follow-up mentoring and lunches & snacks on both days.
Hours: Saturday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM & Sunday from 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM.
Pennsylvania Social Workers and Activity Directors can earn 16 CEU credits.
Special offers: Keep in mind that there is also a Saturday Only Friends & Family  Laugh, Lunch and Learn offered to your friends and family, who are interested in better understanding your Laughter Yoga journey.  They can also serve as your Laughter Buddy/support person.
Cost: $99.00 (Includes lunch but no certification)

Already a Certified Laughter Leader but haven’t used your skills? Need a refresher?

Cost: One day-$60.00, Two days $ 100.00 (no certificates issued)


Join us on Saturday to learn the latest updates in the LY world and empower  yourself so that you can lead confidently.

Join us on Sunday to go over the business/organizational skills.

Both days include full laughter yoga sessions and lunches.


(Corporate and Private Groups, Schools)




One on One Sessions- Customizing your Laughter Sessions

Get Organized- Be Confident-

Business Approaches- Community Engagement-

Taking your Laughter Yoga to the next Level

Feeling blocked, stagnant or are you ready to move forward but don’t know exactly how to proceed?

Call Alexa to schedule a personalized, one-hour discussion on how to get the maximum out of your Laughter Yoga sessions and how to grow your personal practice and business.

Personal consultations in person (local) , by phone, Skype or face time



October 24-26 Advance Training,  October 26-28 Weekend Conference

We just finished up the Laughter Yoga USA 2018 Conference in  ORLANDO 
Thanks to all who attended! Hope to see the rest of you at the next big event!


Details and Registration: https://squareup.com/store/laughter-yoga-usa-inc/



Schedule a customized Laughter Yoga Session/Laughter Burst or Workshops for your Special Event, Conference, Retreat or Group Gathering

Liven up your next convention with some energizing Laughter Yoga!




Fostering heart connections through laughter


Friday, February 8, 2018


Schedule a Heart to Heart- 1-hr Playshop for Couples!

Heart to Heart- A Laughter Yoga Playshop for Couples

Friday, Feb 8, 2019, 7:00 PM

Alexa’s Laughter Studio
TBA Media, PA

1 Laughter Yoga Club members Attending

An excellent opportunity for you to connect with that special person in your life -through more laughter. Let laughter be the tool to rekindle/reawaken/respark that powerful bond between you. Is your relationship feeling a bit stale or la-di-da? Have you been searching for a way to jump-start or re-energize the way you connect with your partner? Wh…

Check out this Meetup →

If you can get 5 couples together, I will bring the training to you!

Is your relationship feeling a bit stale or la-di-da?

Have you been searching for a way to jump-start or re-energize the way you connect with your partner?  When is the last time you laughed for more than a few seconds with your mate?

Are you listening to your significant other like you did when you were dating? Are you still as patient as you were when you were courting?

In this fast-paced life, it is sometimes hard to keep up and spend quality time with the person you love the most.

Here is  a fun way to re-ignite that spark and also the perfect way to show that person that you are committed them.  Step away from the electronics and pull your partner closer through laughter.

Laughter Yoga offers the perfect way to strengthen your feelings of trust, love and compassion. It also allows your to re-discover your playful self and to reconnect with your partner in a way that is more light-hearted and spirited.

This Laughter Yoga Playshop will inspire you to laugh more ever day and Alexa will teach you simple techniques on how to incorporate more joy and laughter into each day.


If You and Your Partner Laugh at the Same Jokes, Science Has Good News for You

laughing elderly couple





Got stress- Get laughter!



Past Trainings and Presentations:



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Special  training for the Bedside Harp Group in Bensalem, PA

Founder Edie Elkin is combining therapeutic harp music with Laughter Yoga- fantastic!






Laughter Yoga in the corporate world

Human Resources and Management: Consider booking a Laughter Resilience Presentation/Workshop/Session to inspire your employees and as part of your wellness program.

Laughter fosters teamwork, boosts moral and energy levels, improves focus, concentration, creativity , reduces sick leave and improves overall work performance.




Laughter Yoga7







Laughter Yoga Resilience & Self Care Presentation for  150+ Healthcare  Staff  of  Children & Families First Org. of Delaware



                                       Lunchtime Wellness with the Employees of  the Bucks County Courthouse

IMG_3004-001Laughter Yoga with Homeland Security

Laughter Wellness with Dept. Heads of Independence BC/BS Philadelphia                                                                                       Laughter Wellness & Teambuilding with Homeland Security, Philadelphia

Laughter in Schools

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                                                                            Laughter 101 in Schools

MLK Day at Coatesville Senior High School

   Sadly, as soon as children enter grade school, they are told to suppress their natural laughter.

   This is the ideal time to reintroduce laughter exercises that will allow them to laugh through the difficult challenges that they will encounter on the way to      adulthood.

  These laughing techniques will empower them, build up their resilience and help them become more joyful individuals, which will enhance everything they do in    life.

I recently had the pleasure and wonderful challenge of laughing with over 300 6th Graders  at J.R. Fugett Middle School in West Chester, PA during their PSSA Exam week.

This experience reinforced the importance of offering  Laughter Yoga to a younger student body. Ideally, it would be beneficial to start the Laughter 101 classes at the 3rd Grade level and to offer a yearly program up until HS graduation. 

Laughter Yoga Wellness  is the perfect  way for these students to:

  • reduce stress, anxiety , problems with bullying and  peer pressure .
  • strengthen self confidence and self esteem
  • get energized
  • practice mindfulness
  • improve concentration and focus
  • improve performance
  • build empathy and foster  teamwork
  • become more joyful, expressive and enthusiastic

Here is my experience with a big group of Middle Schoolers:

Laughter 101 with Middle Schoolers


 Workshops with Seniors




 Laughter Yoga

Elders love Laughter Yoga. It is a great social connector and  reduces feelings of loneliness and depression.

Workshops available to schools, companies, clubs etc.

Laughter Yoga at the Schoolhouse Center in Folsom, PA Jan 22, 2015


 Laughter Clubs spread  healthful living, joy and connection in the community!


Laughter Yoga Club-001

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