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Heart made of book pages

Highly Recommended Reading for all my students:

Dave Berman & Kelley T. Wood’s book

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Great information about the benefits of mindful, daily laughter and an excellent interview with Dr. Madan Kataria.
Inspiring insights, helpful tips and some very creative laughter exercises. Practical information that you can put to good use in your laughter practice. A valuable reference book to keep handy.
Highly recommended reading for all of my Laughter Yoga Leaders, students, laughter club members and everyone else who wants to enjoy a better quality life.
This also makes an ideal gift for someone special in your life.
$25.00 + shipping




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Master Trainer Jeffrey Briar’s book is a   must-read for everyone looking to brighten their life with laughter.

It offers a good overview of  Laughter Yoga’s history, the health benefits and offers a variety of fun Laughter Yoga exercises.

$9.00 + shipping