Philadelphia Area World Laughter Yoga Day 2015

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Thanks so much to all of you, who came out to celebrate WORLD LAUGHTER DAY 2015 with us! Ernie, Emma and I were delighted by all of your support and putting Media, PA  (Philadelphia Area) on the map of places that joined in World Laughter Day.                    

Laughter Yoga Essay- “Because you are too damn serious” by Joan Leof

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 Joan Leof   Because You’re Too Damn Serious Cozy in my reading chair, with the sun streaming in on the essay collection I was reading for my book group, I felt totally absorbed.  Not only was I enjoying the words I was reading, I was grateful that I had created this book group which  brought […]

Sunday Laughter Yoga Club and the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Laughter Yoga

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Here’s to Laughter Yoga and to two of its’ founders, Madhuri and Madan Kataria, who spend their lives spreading the laughter throughout the world, making it a better, more joyful place. Laughter Yoga counter-acts all the negativity and fosters peace,  promotes healing and gives us strength through adversity. Whatever our backgrounds, we can all connect […]

Happy 20th Anniversary- LAUGHTER YOGA!!!

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  Happy 20th Anniversary to Laughter Yoga and THANK YOU Madan and Madhuri Kataria for bringing this amazing wellness medium in to this world. You make our planet a more joyful and healthy place. You bring hope and lightness into people’s lives. You teach us the tools and techniques of how we can become stronger […]

An new year is upon us! Happy 2015!

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        As this year is quickly approaching the end, I wish you merriment but also time for quiet reflection and restoration, followed by a smooth transition into the coming year of 2015. Wishing you health, joie de vivre,excellent experiences and adventures and above all, more laughter and lightness. I am grateful to […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  Dear Laughter Friends and Visitors, As we approach the Thanksgiving holidays and are well into this Fall/Winter season of reflection, I like to take some personal time to remember all the people- past and present, who have helped me to become the person I am today. As I remember the ups and downs, the trials […]

Laughter Yoga Club

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A laughter club is a safe and nurturing place where people can get together to practice fun exercises . I will lead you through some fun laughter fitness, followed by some relaxation exercises. Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a big laugher. This is fun for everyone. No pressure. We have a saying, “Fake […]

Training with Dr. Kataria

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Training with Dr. Kataria

My EAT PLAY LAUGH time in India! My amazing time at the LY training with Dr. Kataria and his wife and co-founder, Madhuri Kataria.  August 2014 in Bangalore, India.  

Laughing all the way

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  Who wants to be around a grumpy person? Not me!  When I catch myself feeling grumpy, I force myself to laugh and things always turn out better. You might say, oh yeah, that’s easy for her to say. But actually, the more you try laughter during the hard times, the easier it gets. You […]