Have you been wondering what Laughter Yoga is all about? This article describes a recent session.

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    We love visitors at our Laughter Clubs and it’s always wonderful when participants share their experiences with others!  Thank you, Kaitlin Irwin of the Delaware County Magazine (Delaware County, PA outside of Philadelphia) for writing such a lovely article inspiring others to try some Laughter Yoga!  After all, this is what Laughter Yoga […]

Check out these numbers!

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  Dear Laughter Club Members,   Happy 2016! I hope that you are off to a great start.   Here are some interesting numbers for you: We currently have 427 members! I am delighted to know that there is so much interest out there.  Now, if only you would ALL come out to laugh with […]

Happy New Year 2016!

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      I hope that I will have a chance to laugh with YOU      or that you will have the opportunity to experience     the benefits of Laughter Yoga  by visiting a laughter club near you or  by experiencing a Laughter Yoga session, workshop, training or special event.    . Make […]

Laughter Ambassador

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  This Thanksgiving weekend has been full of wonderful moments. Not only was I able to enjoy a wonderful feast and connection with my family and friends but I also received a special package from Bangalore…. Dr, Kataria and Mandhuri sent me a certificate to honor me as Laughter Ambassador. I can’t tell you how […]

Hello there!

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Nice of you to visit my blog! I should posting more info here but I have been awfully busy with all my Laughter Yoga activities. Try to come out and laugh with me or find a Laughter Yoga club near you!

Mindful Laughter with Middle Schoolers

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Welcome to Laughter 101 -Mindful Laughter with Middle Schoolers                                                                                                                    Alexa Fong Drubay   Squirming around the gym floor, one boy announced in a loud voice: “Oh boy, is this really going to suck!”  Other kids nodded , while anxiously awaiting the start-up of what they were told was a session of Laughter Yoga. Obliged to […]

A year of Laughter Club activities in Media, PA and surrounding communitites!

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I recently celebrated my first year practicing Laughter Yoga.  It’s been a whirlwind of activities and experiences- all wonderful .  I am grateful for all the people I have been able to connect with through laughter. It truly is an excellent way to promote wellness, increase joy and to lift the spirits.  No matter what […]

Philadelphia Area World Laughter Yoga Day 2015

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Thanks so much to all of you, who came out to celebrate WORLD LAUGHTER DAY 2015 with us! Ernie, Emma and I were delighted by all of your support and putting Media, PA  (Philadelphia Area) on the map of places that joined in World Laughter Day.                    

Laughter Yoga Essay- “Because you are too damn serious” by Joan Leof

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 Joan Leof   Because You’re Too Damn Serious Cozy in my reading chair, with the sun streaming in on the essay collection I was reading for my book group, I felt totally absorbed.  Not only was I enjoying the words I was reading, I was grateful that I had created this book group which  brought […]

Sunday Laughter Yoga Club and the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Laughter Yoga

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Here’s to Laughter Yoga and to two of its’ founders, Madhuri and Madan Kataria, who spend their lives spreading the laughter throughout the world, making it a better, more joyful place. Laughter Yoga counter-acts all the negativity and fosters peace,  promotes healing and gives us strength through adversity. Whatever our backgrounds, we can all connect […]