Pleased to announce Laughter Yoga USA. Org -a new non-profit organization

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Dear Friends, I am delighted to announce the new formation of,a brand new non-profit organization,  specifically created to bring together Laughter Yoga (LY) professionals, Laughter Yoga club members and others seeking to learn more about the many benefits of Laughter Yoga. This new organization serves as a bridge to connect all who are interested […]

My 2nd Anniversary with Laughter Yoga- what a gift!

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  Two years ago, I hopped on a plane to Bangalore, India to spend two weeks at a Spiritual/Silent Retreat and Laughter Yoga Teacher certification training led by the founder of Laughter Yoga(LY), cardiologist Dr. Madan Kataria. Fortunately for me, many Master Trainers and other LY professionals from around the world were also there, which […]

Dr. Kataria is coming the the East Coast!

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Dear Laughter Friends, Exciting News! Dr. Kataria will be coming to the US this summer! This is YOUR opportunity to meet this amazing personality, who’s brainchild has now spread throughout the world and is helping countless people reduce stress and lead healthier, more joyful lives. He will be leading a Spiritual/Silent Retreat, followed by a […]

12:30 PM Laughter Yoga at Schoolhouse Senior Center in Folsum, PA

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If you are 55+, you are most welcome to join us for some an uplifting and energizing Laughter Yoga session! We are a lively bunch of laughers, who love to get together to experiment with our laughter! Alexa, Emma or Nancy will be leading us through a series of easy to follow and fun laughter […]

Happy 1st Day of Spring!

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  Ice Cream Tulips for you!     A chill in the air lingers not yet releasing its frosty grip  even though the calendar announces  otherwise   Our eyes have spied  gifts upon the branches teasing us with hints of colors soon to be unfurling    For now, we must content ourselves with Mother Nature’s unpredictability […]

Happy 21st Anniversary Laughter Yoga!

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  Today marks the 21st Anniversary of Laughter Yoga! The poster I created is already outdated…. Laughter Yoga has spread to 104 countries and who know’s how many other countries will join in to experience the wonderful benefits of laughter wellness! I  am committed to practicing my mindful, daily laughter and to helping others discover […]

Happy Valentine’s Day to

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  Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Ernie Oktay of Laughter Yoga Friends, and I co-led a fun laughter session last Friday night. We were joined by a film crew from Drexel University, who will soon be releasing their interview with Ernie and footage from our laughter session.   Today, I focused on heart connections […]

Laughter Interview and 3 laughter exercises with author Dave Berman

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Dear Laughter Friends, Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dave Berman, certified Laughter Yoga Leader, hypnotist and author of Laughter for the Health of It.   Dave began his project to conduct an interview/mini laughter session on January 1st and is on a mission to tape 365 sessions to help spread more […]

Happy 10th Global BellyLaugh Day! Alexa demonstrates laughter in the snow : )

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Hello Friends, Here’s a little video for you in honor of Global Bellylaugh Day. Created by Elaine Helle (see video below),  it’s actually celebrated around the world and a good reminder and excuse for all of us to practice some mindful belly laughs today and every day. Try laughing for one minute straight (but don’t […]