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Consider a Laughterlift (Face/heart/spirit lift!) training  for your  laughter  muscles! Faced with daily challenges, the people around us who thrive, are the ones who take charge of their lives.
 Are you ready to learn a new way to manage your  stress in the the best possible way? A mindful laughter practice can help reduce anxiety and increase your personal joy.  It’s a WIN/WIN.
Join Alexa for a LaughterLift session to feel what it can do for you.

Banish the stress, let go of tension, disperse the clouds that surround you.

Lift the corners of your mouth and open your heart.

Experience some Laughter Yoga.

Raise your energy levels and spirits.



Create a new beneficial habit for yourself.
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How long does it take to create a new neural pathway? Take the 40-Day Laughter Challenge!



My hard eyes broke and grew a rose
Whose one huge eye saw only you
Flowering in cosmos after cosmos
Laughing as we grew.

– Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

Alexa -LY Daily Times article July 15, 2016
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DelcoMag review Jan 2016  Ernie Oktay of joins Alexa at Laughter Club

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It’s time to de-stress and get energized!



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